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Build your own Online Pharmacy website that resembles Netmeds, Medplussmart, ApolloPharmacy, BuyDrug, MediDart, etc with the help of this fantastic script. The store incorporates a user-friendly and visually pleasing layout with responsive navigation, making it very much workable and accessible even for the non tech – savvy people. The whole process of order placing and processing is simple and trouble free, increasing your conversions giving you more of what you want out of your mobile app. If you are unsure of your medicinal prescription simply upload the image or scanned copy of your prescription and your cart will be updated with prescribed medicines by the pharmacist admin. Or else you can browse for medicines by brand or trade name using the Search bar and add it to your cart. All relevant details regarding the drug like active ingredients, drug type, warnings, alternate medicines and directions of usage will be made available to you before the order placement. Give the right drug, in the right dose, to the right person, at the right time and in the right way through this script. It is an apt choice to launch an Online Pharmacy Business.

This comes with the integrated the payment solution, thus making you life hassle free from payment related options.


  • Typically there are 3 types of users available in our system namely Admin,Customer and Medical Professional
  • Any user can access the website and search for medicines available in our system.
  • To make any other actions, User has to register to the site either as Customer or Medical Professional. Verifcation email would be sent to respective persons.
  • The user can choose to add the medicines to his cart. If he wishes to place an order, he is mandated to upload the image of the medical prescription for verification.
  • He can place order by posting the prescription, even if doesn’t find the medicine he is looking for.
  • Once the order is placed, a request notification is sent to the system admin.
  • Admin once choose the medicine, shall start verifying the prescription and can reject or accept the order placed.
  • Once verified, admin can start accessing the funcationalites of the cart, like adding medicines, modifying quantities, price and other features.
  • He can choose to add the shipping cost and send the updated cart to the user for purchase.
  • The user recieves the notification of the verified prescription, User can just view the cart alone, as no other actions are permitted other than buying.



We offer customization of Online Pharmacy websites development at an estimated price. We take care of the quality of the website which is expected from your end. We develop and deliver websites that are customized exactly as per your requirement. We analyze your requirement thoroughly and understands the business, needs to document the scope of the project. We have dedicated and experienced website developers who can execute the website as per your need.

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