Pay for Performance

Do you want Sales or Leads or Mobile App Downloads or Registrations or Subscriptions? Do you want to promote your business or product? Is it your goal to increase brand awareness, the number of quality leads, and marketing ROI?

We have a solution for you!

We shall work on Pay for Performance basis. You have to pay us only after we deliver. No Montly or Yearly Fees.

If you need

  • Sales – Pay for a Sales
  • Leads – Pay for a Leads
  • Mobile App Downloads – Pay for Downloads
  • Registrations – Pay for Registrations
  • Subcriptions – Pay for Subscriptions

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What we do

We buy thousands of Ad placements worldwide including social networks, video portals, ecommerce sites, movie sites, etc to promote our client business ads across their targeted customers wherever they are, whatever device they use, whatever they read, watch, view, listen, speak, chat, etc. Thus, clients get a perfect booster for ROI, brand awareness and revenue, while media partners — a steady income for displaying ads.

Smart Targeting

Geo & Language

Region, country, state, city, language


Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc

Device & Vendor

Phones, laptops, desktops, tablets made by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, etc

Advanced Mobile

Target traffic worldwide via Wi-Fi or mobile carriers

Operating System

Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Mobile OS

By Keywords

Ads are displayed on pages that match the list of specific keywords

Our benefits for Clients

discover the advantages of working with Prominere

Pay For Perfomance

We shall work on Pay for Performance basis. You have to pay us only after we deliver. No Montly or Yearly Fees.

Global Distribution

Single network solution to serve up your ads across multiple channels and connect with your customers worldwide.

Transparent Reporting

Robust reporting dashboard to monitor your campaign metrics and conversion tracking for immediate campaign optimization.

Brand & Fraud Protection

Proprietary traffic screening technologies analyze each user to ensure maximum brand safety and highest traffic quality.

Wide Targeting Opportunities

By countries, operating system, device category & model, ad placement, dayparting, frequency capping and more.

Personal Manager

Every advertiser is assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help get started and enhance your performance and results.


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